Slash you Power Bill with Variable Speed Pool Pumps

Intelliflo Variable Speed Pumps are the most popular units on the market today. With astounding energy efficiency, close to silent operation and unparalleled service life, Pentair’s Intelliflo Variable Speed Pumps will slash the costs of running your pool.

When compared with a standard 1.5 horsepower pool pump, Intelliflo Variable Speed Pumps can realise a saving of up to 90% in energy costs. An on-board diagnostic controller serves to prolong the service life of the unit. Innovative design makes the Intelliflo Pump one of the quietest on the market, with totally ‘enclosed fan-cooled design’ that allows the pump to operate at lower speeds, prolonging the life of the pump and saving you money.

Intelliflo pumps are ‘Energy Star’ certified guaranteeing their energy efficiency. Demand Intelliflo pumps from your pool builder or better yet, contact Hayward Pools in Braeside Melbourne, and have your pool and spa fitted out with the best equipment on the market.

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