Mobile Pool Controller

It’s Friday, you’ve had a hard day at work and all you want to do is relax in your spa but with end of week traffic you’re at least an hour away from home; what do you do?

Whilst it may be a ‘First World Problem’, it’s a problem nonetheless. For those of us without home help and servants to do our bidding, the iAqualink and the Aqualink Tri are the answer.


With the capacity to control up to 4 power outlets and 3 power valve actuators, not only can you turn on the pump and get your spa heating up, you can also turn on the pool lights and get that fountain pumping; an ideal solution for that impromptu weekend party.

Using the Aqualink mobile pool controller you will be able to set the temperature, control your variable speed pump, define the level of chlorination and activate your led pool and spa lights through any compatible Android or iOS device.

Join the mobile revolution and take the hassle out of pool and spa management. Let Hayward Pools give you the power to turn on your spa from wherever you are, whenever you’re there.

nv_ZODIAC iAqualink-Tri-01 iAquaLink-iPhone

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